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The Original Martin Wasserwirbler

A device to improve the vitality of drinking water

Water is one of the basic elements of life on Earth. Only where water is does life exist; where it is missing, desert and death dominate. That is why our water sources, brooks, rivers and lakes, including the ground water are indispensable for existence. 70 % of the Earth's surface is covered with water. Man and higher animals consist of 70 % water, while the botanical world consists even 90 % water.

When judging water quality, it is not only important to consider that water contains enough minerals, trace elements and other biological important materials, also its "energetic state " should also be considered.
SPRING WATER for instance is in a highly energetic state similar to an accumulator. If this water is pumped through pipes, as it is nowadays usual in our water supply system, it will loose its energetic charge before it can be of benefit to people. And for reasons of human benefit it should be our goal to make enough spring water available which has not been pumped through pipelines.

Since this is not possible for the majority of the population, the Martin-Wasserwirbler was developed in an effort to improve the quality of tap water. By running through this device, the water is directed into a vortex motion and thus regaining its original spiral movement that we can observe in natural streams and rivers.

The basic idea concerning the qualitative improvement of water goes back to the work of the Austrian forester Viktor  Schauberger. He recognised that the whirling motion of water in natural courses of rivers and streams was responsible for its buoyancy and self-cleaning abilities. This natural whirling movement has probably a substantial influence on molecular processes in terms of an energetic enhancement of water.
The Original-Martin-Wasserwirbler provides tap water with the original whirling motion, that we can find in naturally flowing  rivers and streams. It can be fixed to the tap or shower, or to a flexible hose for use as a handshower.

Attempts have been made to substantiate the energetic improvement by the device with different measurin methods: Galvanic Skin Response according to Dr. Hartmann, Kirlian Photography, crystallisation with copper chloride, electro-acupuncture, Steigbilder, and seed experiments. The latter were performed with cress and radish seeds, using normal tap water with and without going through the Martin-Wasserwirbler.

The use of whirling water –
either for drinking

or showering

not only for human, but also für animals and plants

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